vestavia hills city schools online learning system

Welcome to the Vestavia Hills City Schools
Online Learning System!

All Vestavia students will be automatically registered in Moodle for
the 2014-2015 school year after school campus registration is
complete. Students log in using their school-assigned computer
login and password. Students will not be able to change either
their assigned logins or passwords for the Moodle.

Welcome to the Vestavia Hills City Schools' online learning system,
called the Moodle. Vestavia Hills High School, Pizitz Middle School,
and Liberty Park Middle School teachers are able to host course and
club websites here. Please check with your teachers to find out if
they have active moodles. Teachers and staff in the district are
also able to particpate in required online trainings via the Moodle.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see a "login"
button. Please click it to log on to Moodle. Your login username
for computer access at your school is your Moodle login. You
will then be asked for your school computer access password.
Type it in.

Next, on the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of
navy blue links: District. VHHS, Pizitz, and LPM, for example. Click
the navy blue link for your school or location. A list of class moodles
will pop up. You can then enroll as a participant in your specific
courses for this year.

Parents, please obtain your student's school computer login and
password, if you wish to check your child's class moodles. Or, you
can click the 'login" button and login as a guest. Some teachers'
moodles are open for guest viewing and do not require being logged
in as a user. Some teachers' moodles require an additional
"enrollment key" you can obtain from your student.

If you have any trouble logging onto the Moodle, please contact
your school's Instructional Technology Specialist. Mr. Charles Brown
is the high school ITS. Ms. Nancy Turpen is the Pizitz ITS, and Ms. Sue Schwoebel is the ITS at Liberty Park Middle.

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